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August 15, 1993

Exit Outcomes: Big Business Plan

This is in response to comments made by Brian Sullam in his Aug. 1 column ("County Is Paralyzed by Sense of Fear"). . . .

The county's exit outcomes are Carroll's version of the federal program "Goal 2000: Educate America," formally called "America This is a program begun by the federal Department of Labor, dictating the type of employee big business has stated it wants and supported by the federal Department of Education. This is a program that stresses behavioral patterns and outcomes performances rather than academics.

The Maryland School Performance Assessment Program, which will allow failing schools to be taken over by the state and ultimately the federal government, is the end result of Goal 2000. There will be a central database system, called "SPEEDE/EXPRESS," which will contain psychological, behavioral, attitudinal and family history. . . . These vocal parents have come to these conclusions because they have taken the time and effort to gather the information from the various sources. We're sure the Carroll County Board of Education has this information, too, but doesn't want to divulge it for fear of . . . losing out on any possible monies that could come to Carroll County. . . .

Why is "Outcome Based Education," which was rejected in the '60s, now considered a save-all educational program? Why are parents in other states where OBE is in place now trying to get rid of it? Why has the Chicago School Board been sued, not once, but twice due to the failure of OBE and the falling of SAT scores?

We who are complaining have done our research and are concerned. If the school board had done a thorough job and not let money get in the way of what is best for the children, OBE would never have been an issue.

Gary W. Bauer

Dena V. Bauer


Chuck Thompson

Chuck Thompson's recent induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame at Cooperstown is a well-deserved honor. Chuck represents the best of Baltimore and he has enriched my life and those of many others. Thanks, Chuck, for making Oriole games come alive over the radio. As kids in Westminster, we listened every night. Now the whole country knows what we always knew: You are the best. Congratulations.

Sue Warner


Hold Out For Truth About MIAs

In recent weeks, much has been reported and much has been written in regard to the lifting of the trade embargo against Vietnam and the normalization of relations with that country.

First, let me address the facts on the subject of the embargo and normalization of relations. It is true that recently President Clinton withdrew our objection to the International Monetary Fund loans to Vietnam. We supposedly withdrew our objections for a third party to accept their defunct loans, and OK'ed the issuance of new loans.

It is also true that our country is sending a diplomatic delegation to Hanoi and that it is a sure sign that the United States is heading toward normal relations. In fact, the word around Washington is that it is a done deal. It should be noted that such illustrious senators as Bob Kerrey (D-Neb.), John Kerry (D-Mass.) and John McCain (R-Ariz.) are very much in support of such a move. But the most influential of all are the major American companies pushing to compete for the supposed "pot of gold" in Vietnam. . . .

Give me a break! Our live POWs are still being held in Southeast Asia. The Vietnamese know they have them, our own government knows that they have them, and those who are active in POW/MIA issues know that they are still being held. . . . If you have access to the declassified documents and you thoroughly examine the text of the Senate hearings, you will discover some of the truth. . . .

As Ross Perot stated when addressing the POW/MIA families on July 15 at the annual meeting of the National Alliance of Families in Washington, "There is no doubt that there are still live Americans being held. If I didn't [think so], I would not be wasting my time on the issue." Mr. Perot went so far as to pledge the support of his organization, "United We Stand America," to make this issue our nation's highest priority.

Don't you think it is time that our nation's citizens also make it one of our highest priorities? The families are a small number compared with our nation's population. That is why our government has not worked to repatriate our "Fallen Eagles."

. . . I will be returning to Vietnam in September to lead a team to search for live Americans who intelligence says are still there. Although I have not yet raised the necessary funds, I am committed and I will make the mission if I have to borrow the money. I owe that much to those our country has chosen to forget and to the families our government has deceived and who still wait.

On behalf of the families of those who are POW/MIA -- 78,751 from World War II; 8,177 from Korea; 2,261 from Vietnam, and the hundreds from the Cold War -- I ask for your support on this very important issue. No lifting of the embargo; no normalization of relations with Vietnam, and no aid to the former Soviet Union. My fellow Americans, we have the power and the leverage to accomplish this goal.

Richard F. Will Sr.


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