50 Years Ago* Anne Arundel County crops are shriveling in...


August 15, 1993

50 Years Ago

* Anne Arundel County crops are shriveling in the heat in what is described as the worst drought since 1930, which was the worst in history, according to county agent Stanley E. Day. -- The Sun, Aug. 9, 1943.

* Yesterday was the hottest day of the year in Anne Arundel County. The official temperature at Annapolis is a military secret, but unofficial readings on outside thermometers registered 102 degrees. -- The Sun, Aug. 11, 1943.

* Anne Arundel County has increased its population by 6,205 since the 1940 census according to the number of ration books issued. The population now stands at 74,580. -- The Sun, Aug. 13, 1943.

* Buses were used to maintain passenger service on the Baltimore and Annapolis railroad between Annapolis and Winchester when the coach of a 10-car freight train was derailed at Manresa. There were no injuries. -- The Sun, Aug. 14, 1943.

* In spite of a countywide teacher shortage, Anne Arundel County schools will open Sept. 7 with only seven vacancies in high schools and with elementary schools practically filled, Assistant Superintendent of Schools David B. Jenkins announced. -- The Sun, Aug. 27, 1943.

* The ban on pleasure driving, in effect since May 20, will be lifted at midnight. -- The Sun, Aug. 31, 1943.

75 Years Ago

* The ice shortage in Annapolis has reached an acute stage with as many as 100 people standing in line at the Parlett Company, the only company still engaged in the ice business there. Two tons of ice were hauled in from Baltimore by motor trucks but the supply was soon exhausted. -- The Sun, Aug. 5, 1918.

Compiled by Robert M. Pennington of the Ann Arrundell County Historical Society.

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