* Charles Brown Brakefield,Charles Brown Brakefield, 73...


August 15, 1993

* Charles Brown Brakefield,Charles Brown Brakefield, 73, retired president of The New York Times Co. Broadcasting Group, died Friday of cancer in Memphis, Tenn. He also was a vice president of The New York Times Co. when he retired in 1985. He earlier was president of the Broadcast division of CowlesCommunications and was vice president and a board member of the company.

* Jackson E. Betts,Jackson E. Betts, 84, a U.S. representative for 22 years, died Friday in Findlay, Ohio. He was elected to Congress from a northern Ohio district in 1951. He was second-ranking Republican on the House Ways and Means Committee when he retired in 1973.

* John Muench,John Muench, 78, an internationally recognized lithographer and painter, died Friday in Portland, Maine, of injuries suffered in a July 28 car accident. Mr. Muench, hailed as one of a handful of artists who rejuvenated American printmaking after World War II, made abstract and representational paintings and prints. His works are in the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Smithsonian Institution, among other museums.

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