Clinton, Ford play golf Both men pledge cooperative effort

August 15, 1993|By Boston Globe

VAIL, Colo. -- President Clinton and former President Gerald R. Ford exchanged vows of bipartisan cooperation yesterday as they joined Jack Nicklaus for a round of golf in the Colorado Rockies.

"It's the way I'm going to try and run the rest of my administration," Mr. Clinton said after joining Mr. Ford on the first tee and being asked if this signaled a rapprochement with the GOP. "I don't ever want the kind of polarization we had the last six months."

Mr. Ford, in return, ducked questions on Mr. Clinton's economic plan, but he singled out the free trade agreement as an area where the administration would find Republican allies.

"We have a few things where we have similar views, particularly NAFTA, which I think is a very critical issue for the country, which I understand the administration supports, and I'll be as helpful as I possibly can in that regard," Mr. Ford said.

Congressional Democrats and Republicans are sparring over Mr. Clinton's crime package, but the president insisted yesterday that the magnitude of the crime problem was such that he would pick up GOP votes on that issue as well.

"We've gotten a good response initially from both Republicans and Democrats in Congress," Mr. Clinton said.

Mr. Ford and Mr. Clinton were to be joined by their families at a performance of "Swan Lake" by Russia's Bolshoi Ballet yesterday evening. The first family is scheduled to leave Colorado today for Arkansas.

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