From The Sun Aug. 15-21, 1843Aug. 17: We attended...


August 15, 1993|By Fred Rasmussen

From The Sun Aug. 15-21, 1843

Aug. 17: We attended yesterday morning a surgical operation conducted by Dr. J. M. Johnson, for the purpose of removing soft cataracts. The patient, Mr. Frederick Frances, was blind in both eyes. We fancy the cure will be esteemed almost miraculous.

Aug. 21: The new Methodist Episcopal church, known as the pew church, corner of Fayette and Charles streets, the first DTC stone of which was laid in April, is progressing rapidly towards completion.

From The Sun Aug. 15-21, 1893

Aug. 17: An unknown woman was killed on the Baltimore and Sparrow's Point Railroad yesterday by being run over by a Northern Central train bound to Sparrow's Point.

Aug. 18: The Baltimore Casion, a new amusement resort, at the terminus of the Red line cable road, West Baltimore Street, was opened yesterday. The Casion occupies about five acres of ground where Adler's old brewery formerly stood.

From The Sun Aug. 15-21, 1943

Aug. 17: The large super market of the Atlantic and Pacific Tea company on Chesapeake Avenue off York Road, Towson, last night was destroyed by fire, thought to have been caused by lightning.

Aug. 18: The Baltimorean made happiest by the American capture of Piraino, Sicily, last week was almost certainly Dr. Vincent J. Piraino, of 1720 Lakeside Avenue. The town located near Palermo was named after his grandfather, the Baron Vincent Piraino.

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