Snoring is main complaint

August 14, 1993|By Hearst Newspapers

NEW YORK -- A new poll of American women's sleeping habits reveals that 36 percent claim the greatest difficulty they have in sleeping with their husbands or boyfriends is caused by their snoring.

The poll, a national random telephone survey of 500 women, was conducted by Redbook magazine with EDK Associates, a New York polling firm. Results appear in the September issue of the magazine.

Other sleeping complaints lodged against their partners by women questioned for the poll: taking the blanket (12 percent), taking too much room (11 percent), tossing and turning (7 percent), and talking in his sleep (2 percent).

Asked how they slept when their husband or boyfriend is away, 14 percent said "much better," while 45 percent responded they sleep OK butmiss him and 23 percent said they sleep badly because they miss him.

According to the poll, women most often wear a nightgown (38 percent) or T-shirt (36 percent), followed by pajamas (11 percent). Nine percent sleep in the nude. Only 2 percent wear sexy sleepwear.

On the other hand, husbands or boyfriends prefer pajamas (38 percent), followed by nude (17 percent), underwear (17 percent), T-shirts (11 percent), and sexy sleepwear (11 percent), the poll showed.

Fifty percent said they try to "talk out" any fights with their mates before going to bed, while 24 percent said they go to sleep angry and talk about it in the morning.

The poll also reported that 59 percent of the women said they and their husbands or boyfriends sleep touching each other, while 22 percent said they sleep far apart and 11 percent sleep in separate beds.

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