Robert Haft sues father's firmsRobert Haft, ousted from...


August 13, 1993

Robert Haft sues father's firms

Robert Haft, ousted from several businesses by his multimillionaire father in a high stakes family feud, is suing three companies for millions of dollars in stock and long-term compensation.

His suit alleges that Dart Group Corp. and its retail subsidiaries, Trak Auto Corp. and Crown Books Corp., have breached long-term employment contracts by failing to pay his salary since he was removed from all positions by his father on June 24.

T2 admits overstating earnings

The health care company T2 Medical Inc. revealed that its books were in error and it had overstated earnings, sending its share price tumbling by more than one-third.

The company's stock dropped by $4.875 to $8.75.

MCI mulls joint venture

Bert Roberts, chairman of MCI Communications Corp., said the nation's No. 2 long-distance company was holding talks with companies about a possible joint venture or alliance in the fast-growing mobile telephone field.

Judge denies Glaxo motion

A federal judge denied Glaxo Inc.'s motion yesterday to dismiss a lawsuit that challenges the patent on its billion-dollar ulcer drug Zantac.

Canada raises NAFTA objections

Canadian concerns have emerged as a sticking point for the first time in the negotiation of side agreements for the North American Free Trade Agreement.

Prime Minister Kim Campbell has rejected a compromise crafted by her own negotiators on labor and environmental safeguards for the accord, apparently resisting giving import-blocking power to U.S. companies that could be used against Canada.

Retailer's displays use wheelchairs

Dayton-Hudson Corp., which has been noted for its sensitive portrayal of the disabled in its print and broadcast advertising, is using mannequins in wheelchairs at its stores to help display its fall fashions.

Video business news to be offered

Dow Jones & Co. said yesterday that it will provide video business news through desktop computers beginning next month.

The Dow Jones Investor Network will "broadcast" corporate announcements, news conferences and other events to subscribers, initially expected to be large Wall Street brokerages and banks.

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