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August 12, 1993

Sykesville police get a new vehicle for K-9 unit

A 1993 Ford Bronco will make driving more comfortable for the Sykesville Police Department's drug-detecting dog and safer for its five officers.

The department took delivery on the $16,300 four-wheel drive vehicle last week.

Hash, an 85-pound Labrador, and his handler, Officer Marvin Hewitt Jr., will have primary use of the vehicle. Chief Wallace P. Mitchell and the department's other three officers also will take turns in the driver's seat.

Hash's comfort wasn't the only reason for adding the car to the department's fleet of two Fords and one Dodge.

"A four-wheel drive would be of great assistance to us in inclement weather," said the chief. "The hilly terrain here is difficult to access in emergencies."

Sykesville man gets business degree

Randall J. Weinhardt, son of Dr. and Mrs. L. William Weinhardt of Sykesville, received a bachelor of science degree in business administration degree from the University of Richmond on May 9. He attended E. C. Robins School of Business, the business undergraduate division at the university.


* Gamber: Gamber responded for a trash container fire on Deer Park Road at 2:51 p.m. Monday. Units were out 15 minutes.

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