August 12, 1993

Developer ordered to revise plan for Middlebury subdivision

A developer who hopes to build 42 homes on 24 acres at Fort Smallwood and Hog Neck roads must revise his plans by Aug. 16 and resubmit them to the county.

The county Department of Planning and Code Enforcement withheld approval last month of developer Gary Koch's preliminary plan for a new subdivision, called Middlebury, pending revisions to the road, open space and utility designs, said County Planner Steve Callahan.

Mr. Callahan said the proposal calls for single-family homes priced between $150,000 and $175,000.

If the county approves the revised "sketch" plan, the developer would begin drafting his final plan, which also must be approved. During final plan review, county officials will consider whether the roads and schools in the area are large enough to handle the additional cars and students that the subdivision would generate.

Pasadena residents objected during a July 8 meeting that the schools, particularly Fort Smallwood Elementary, and the roads are already overcrowded.

If that is true, Mr. Callahan said, the developer may be required to improve the roads and to pay a fee toward school expansion.

Car hits police cruiser on Jumpers Hole Road

A 23-year-old Baltimore County man was charged with drunken driving Sunday after his car hit a county police car while attempting a U-turn on Jumpers Hole Road.

Michael James Molloy of the 1200 block of Elm Road in Arbutus was driving a red, two-door Volkswagen west on Jumpers Hole Road just before Ritchie Highway when he attempted the turn in front of the police cruiser driven by Officer Eric A. Gennett.

Officer Gennett was forced to swerve to the right to avoid the car and drove up onto the curb.

The right front bumper of the Volkswagen struck the left rear quarter panel and bumper of the officer's cruiser.

Officer Gennett stopped the car as it drove away from the scene and pulled it over in the parking lot of an Ames department store.

Police said Mr. Molloy handed over his driver's license when asked, but handed over a book of stamps when asked for his registration.

Officer Gennett reported that he smelled alcohol on Mr. Molloy's breath and that Mr. Molloy failed a field sobriety test.

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