Taneytown fires its city manager Joseph Mangini was hired in 1992

August 11, 1993|By Traci A. Johnson | Traci A. Johnson,Staff Writer

Taneytown City Manager Joseph A. Mangini Jr. was fired for undisclosed reasons Monday night during a closed session after the city's monthly council meeting.

"The mayor and City Council requested that the city manager submit his resignation," Mayor Henry I. Reindollar Jr. said yesterday, reading from a prepared statement. "He declined the request, and the mayor and City Council terminated the city manager."

"There's a saying that goes something like, 'To get rid of the good people in government you either shoot them in the head or fire them,' " Mr. Mangini said last night. "I guess this time I drew the firing."

The mayor would not say why Mr. Mangini was fired. But when he was asked whether the termination was related to Mr. Mangini's performance or personality, Mr. Reindollar replied, "Well, his personal life had nothing to do with it."

"I don't think it is performance-related," Mr. Mangini said. "As far as personality, I think everybody has their own style. I know I have my own style."

Mr. Mangini declined to say why he was fired. He did say that he knew "something was going on" with the mayor and council while he was fulfilling a two-week commitment to the U.S. Army Reserves in late July.

"The [discussion to terminate him] did occur while I was on active duty," Mr. Mangini said. "I received a couple of phone calls while I was away from people saying they thought something was brewing."

He declined to say who called him.

"There were a couple of notes in my box when I got back to the office saying that it appeared there something was going on," he said. "I thought maybe I'd have a chance to explain my side, but they didn't give me that."

Mr. Mangini said the council talked to him Monday night about one of the services he performed, and that he defended his actions.

"There was one item they brought up, and I explained that document and letter to prove that I was acting in the best interests of the city," Mr. Mangini said. He declined to say what was in the document and letter.

The city manager said of his termination: "Everybody has to do their thing. I certainly do not feel ashamed about anything I did for the city of Taneytown."

Mr. Mangini, 42, was hired in January 1992 to replace Neal W. Powell, who formally retired July 1, 1991, but stayed on until his successor was hired.

Mr. Mangini came to Taneytown from a job as Cecil County's director of economic development. He lives in Taneytown with his wife, Gale, son Erik, 10, and daughter Kent, 6.

A major in the Army Reserves, he began his career in public service in 1976 after he left the military and ran for a seat in Congress.

He also has managed Rock Hall on the Eastern Shore, Milford, Del., and Elsmere, Del. He has a bachelor's degree in political science from the University of Delaware.

Mr. Mangini was recently a finalist for the job as city manager in Crofton.

He said last night that it will be difficult to leave the area now that it feels like home.

"Everything was coming together for us. We were really starting to get into the community," Mr. Mangini said. "Erik had just joined the Junior Eagles football team, and Gale was asked to be the Daisy leader in town."

Mr. Mangini said he is making arrangements to live near his father in Delaware. He and his family will be going away today to "take some time and think about things."

He said he will be looking for similar jobs outside Carroll County.

Council members Henry C. Heine Jr., James L. McCarron, W. Robert Flickenger and Jacquelyn J. Polk could not be reached for comment on Mr. Mangini's dismissal. Councilman Thomas J. Denike declined to comment.

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