* Shawn Ross, 14, of Wilde Lake village, Columbia...


August 08, 1993

* Shawn Ross, 14, of Wilde Lake village, Columbia.

* Hobbies and other activities: Likes to read and volunteer.

* Organization's comments: Karen Wallace, chairman of the Wilde Lake Architectural Committee and volunteer coordinator of the Wilde Lake Renaissance Program, said of Shawn: "He is very capable and he works hard. He is just a really neat kid to work with."

"We are always looking for volunteers. It is a fledgling program. We can always use more help. The program is a way to give a little extra help to those who need it in maintaining exteriors and their yards. Plus we help to keep open space tidied up," Mrs. Wallace said.

If interested in volunteering, contact the Columbia Association at 715-3163 or call Slayton House at 730-3987. The program is only in Wilde Lake because of insurance liability coverage. Volunteers must be Wilde Lake residents.

* Volunteer's comments: "We go around to open spaces or where people who can't keep up their yards, because they are older or handicapped and we clean up their yards," said Shawn, who began volunteering with the Wilde Lake Renaissance Program this summer. He decided to join the program because since he had helped clean up around the lakes. "This is a similar kind of project, and I get to help the environment," he said.

* About the volunteer: Shawn will be entering the 10th grade this fall at Centennial High School. He is the son of Debbie and Art Ross. He has one brother, Ian, 12.

To make a nomination or receive a nomination form, call Jill L. Kubatko at 715-2813 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday. Nominations may be faxed to the office at 418-8016.

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