25 Years Ago (Week of July 28-Aug. 3, 1968):* The...


August 08, 1993

25 Years Ago (Week of July 28-Aug. 3, 1968):

* The construction firm McAlister, Schwartz was awarded the contract to build Columbia's second public school, Faulkner Ridge Elementary. The winning bid was $794,000.

50 Years Ago (Week of Aug. 1-7, 1943):

* The Civilian Defense Corps staged a demonstration of incendiary bombs at Elkridge High School this week. * Technical Sgt. Bill Mayhugh of Savage, serving as a mess sergeant for an ordnance company stationed in the Western desert, was declared to run the best mess in the West by his fellow soldiers. One of Sergeant Mayhugh's specialties was a 21-course banquet, which he prepared using only the regular allotment of daily rations. In civilian life, Sergeant Mayhugh had worked in the kitchens of some of Washington, D.C.'s finest hotels.

Information for this column was compiled by Diane Mullaly from the files of the Howard County Historical Society's library.

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