Magic Me tale on TV


August 08, 1993|By SLYVIA BADGER

"Gettin' Over," which airs on ABC at 7 this evening, is a story about a Hagerstown youngster and her involvement with Magic Me. This is the second in a series that tells stories about youngsters who survive difficult circumstances. Tony ("Who's the Boss?") Danza is the host.

Magic Me is the Baltimore-based, international, non-profit organization that links teens with the elderly, the handicapped and the frail. It was founded in 1980 by Kathy Levin. Tonight, Levin will watch the program at the home of friends, Shirlene and Bob Elkins. As a matter of fact, They've decided to throw a TV party and have invited Louise Goodman, Sam and Barbara nTC Himmelrich, Joanne and Jimmy Smith, Nancy and Lou Grasmick, Lil and Nathan Weinberg, Adam Goldsmith and Julie Mercer, president of Magic Me, to watch the show with them.


Baltimore County Circuit Court Judge Leonard Jacobson and his wife, Marilyn, are charter members of the Holocaust Museum in Washington. And since the Jacobsons feel strongly that everyone should visit the museum, they chartered a bus and invited fellow judges, their families and staff to go to Washington with them last Sunday.

The judges who went included Bill Hinkel; Norris Byrnes and his wife, Debbie; Jim Smith; John Fader and his wife, Kathy; John Hennigan; John Bishop and his wife, Doris, and Alan Wilner. Lunch a la Suburban House was served on the bus.

You can catch Jacobson in another role, when the versatile judge opens at Limestone Cafe Theater on Aug. 21. The show is "An Evening with Neil Simon," and he'll be in the "Prisoner of Second Avenue" segment.


The line went on for blocks. It's estimated that there were more than 250 people at the Horse You Came In On bar in Fells Point, where author Martha Grimes was signing copies of her new mystery, "The Horse You Came In On" -- named after the pub, of course. All of Grimes' other books (this is her 12th) were titled from pubs in England.

Public interest in this book signing surpassed the wildest dreams of Page Rose and Kathy Harig, owners of the Mystery Loves Company book shop in Fells Point, when they made the arrangements with "Horse" owner Howard Gerber and Grimes.

And, although Grimes was supposed to leave at 8 p.m., she stayed until nearly 10 p.m., when all the books were signed. Throughout the wait, people remained in good spirits, perhaps because they were treated to glasses of wine and nibbles to help pass the time.


There was a lot of excitement on the patio of Harrison's Pier Five recently when the Bud Light people got the cameras rolling in a search for people to be in Bud Light commercials.

Even the sons of the owners of Harrison's, Devin and Dickie McGee, got into the act. No word yet on whether any Baltimore faces will be used, but we'll let you know.


Speaking of Harrison's, Lynda O'Dea, president of Sports Center USA, which is planning the $32.5 million sports museum and entertainment complex for the Pier 4 Power Plant, was seen there with USF&G's general claims counsel Chuck Stapleton (again), Dot and Henry Rosenberg, Joe DeFrancis, and baseball great Steve Garvey.

The group left for an evening sail with Frances Reaves, attorney, and Tom Koch, Curtis Engine, on Tom's boat.


Remember I told you the Republicans were trying to lure BG&E's George McGowan out of his gorgeous retirement home in Queen Anne's County to help with the campaign?

Well, he didn't bite. I think he's having too much fun being footloose and fancy-free on the Eastern Shore, and I'm jealous . . .


Representatives from Second Helping, the Salvation Army and Overseas Hunger gathered in Fells Point at Foster's Oyster Bar and Restaurant Monday evening.

They were there to pick up a check for $41,000, which represented 100 percent of the money raised at the annual Taste of the Nation, held last April at Camden Yards. Forty-nine restaurants donated their time and food for the event.

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