MEATEditor: I was dismayed and saddened to see...


August 08, 1993


Editor: I was dismayed and saddened to see your Fourth of July cover ["Rob's Ribs"].

When you had so many wonderful options of covers you chose to fill the space with a dead animal's flesh. How insensitive of you to ignore the sensibilities of the thousands of Marylanders who find the slaughter of animals offensive. Had you chosen to honor the many good things about our state, of which there are many beautiful sights, instead of dead animals, the beginning of my 4th of July day would have been much more enjoyable. Instead, I was upset enough to take this time from my Independence Day to tell you just how inappropriate and insensitive your magazine cover is.

Please be more thoughtful when selecting your subject matter for future holiday covers.

Marcia S. Raffel

Owings Mills

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