Balkan Update

August 07, 1993

In AVIANO, Italy, Secretary of State Christopher reiterated that NATO will lalunch air strikes against Bosnian Serb forces unless they stop "strangling" Sarajevo.

In Washington, a White House official said the United States wants Bosnia's president to know air strikes against his Serbian foes are unlikely unless he returns to the negotiating table.

Bosnian Serbs balked at easing the siege of SARAJEVO, failing to reach agreement with the United Nations on their promise to hand over strategic positions .

Senior U.S. officials met at the White House to discuss U.S. strategy for a NATO meeting Monday aimed at deciding on air strikes in Bosnia, officials said.

Yugoslavia, whose currency has been savaged by hyperinflation, issued a new 100 million dinar banknote, its biggest and worth a little more than $2 at black market rates. Inflation rate is 20 percent a day.

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