Coast Guard Station has been on a rollQuiz time for Anne...


August 06, 1993|By DON VITEK

Coast Guard Station has been on a roll

Quiz time for Anne Arundel County bowlers. Can you name the bowling centers that are on Fort Smallwood Road?

I'll give you Steve Sandusky's Riviera Bowl. Now all you have to do is name the other one, the tenpin center.

L It's the Coast Guard station's center with six tenpin lanes.

How long have the tenpin lanes been there? No one seems sure, but the Coast Guard station has been there for a long, long, long time.

"We'll be celebrating the station's 100th birthday in 1999," said Dorothy Mitchell of public affairs. "That's how long this facility has been here. And it's the only shipyard that the Coast Guard operates."

The bowling center is open to the 140 military personnel and the 700 civilians who work on the base.

"We're open every day," said Chief John DeWitt, manager of the center. "Monday through Friday the hours are 4 to 10 p.m., Saturday it's 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. and Sunday from noon to 8 p.m.

"The lanes have been here for a while," DeWitt said. "I did find out that the Brunswick pinsetters came from Fort Meade, and someone at Fort Meade told me that they got them from a base in Germany. Of course, we don't have automatic scoring but then the charge per line is only 50 cents and there's no charge for shoe rentals."

There are three regular leagues at the base, one on Tuesday night and two on Wednesday nights with all six lanes filled.

"Both the American Bowling Congress and the Women's International Bowling Congress sanction the center," he said.

DeWitt, a 17-year veteran, is originally from Santa Rosa, Calif., and now lives in Glen Burnie with his wife, Donna. Neither is a bowler.

"Well, we did bowl a little bit, but we're not really tenpin bowlers," he said. "And running the bowling center is only one of my duties; the gym, the swimming pool and other recreational facilities are handled by me."

Bowler of the Year

The Bowler of the Year in Baltimore is John Switala of Pasadena.

Switala earned the title by compiling the most points over the 1992-1993 season. His 27 points, earned in 16 tournaments, were 12 points higher than runner-up Glenn Shipe.

Switala, bowling since 1972 when he was a youngster, bowls at Fair Lanes Ritchie in the Beltway Classic, the Capitol Men's at Greenway Odenton and the Saturday Mixups at Bowl American Glen Burnie.

He's thrown a 300 game and an 806 series and averages over 200.

"If anyone tells you he isn't nervous when he gets close to that 300 game, he's lying. The best advice I can give anyone who gets close to it is just get up and throw the ball,don't start thinking about it," Switala said.

Apparently that also is pretty good advice for competing for Bowler of the Year.

Looking for the best

The battle for Baltimore's Best Bowler continues. Thirty-nine tenpinners, men and women, are halfway through the six weeks of tournament competition with each week bowled at a different center.

"Brian Cavey is leading the pack," said Bill Mend, tournament director. "But there's still three weeks to go and anything can happen when you have bowlers of this caliber competing."

The next tournament will be Tuesday at Fair Lanes Ritchie at 9 p.m.

If you want to see some of the best tenpinners in the area, stop in at Ritchie.

At the last stop, Cavey fired a 1,081 set to hold onto his lead; Bruce Hollen banged out a 1,147 series to jump from fourth to second place and hang just 20 pins off the pace.

Dream of big money

Riviera Bowl will play host to a Dream League this year. Starting next month, there will be a Thursday night league with a guaranteed $1,200 per person first-place prize fund based on 10 teams of four bowlers.

Information: (410) 255-3550.

NABI tournament

The National Amateur Bowlers, Inc. will play host to a tournament at Fair Lanes Ritchie next weekend, Aug. 14-15. First place is a guaranteed $1,000.

Information: (410) 761-3800.

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