Daunting ProblemIn his July 26 column, William Pfaff...


August 06, 1993

Daunting Problem

In his July 26 column, William Pfaff reported gross domestic product figures of various countries in Asia and compared them with those of the Western nations.

He pointed out that the Pacific basin compares poorly and the combined GDP of the so-called Four Tigers (South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Hong Kong) is roughly that of Spain plus Portugal.

He did not mention that Taiwan has more than $80 billion of foreign currency reserve, which is the highest in the world.

A company with $10 million of net profit is infinitely healthier than a company with $100 million in annual revenue but $10 million of net loss.

Pfaff himself stated that it is very difficult to compare national economies. The GDP figure is only one of many yardsticks for comparison and can be quite misleading.

We should not be misled by the GDP figure and keep believing that our country is still the richest in the world, when our national deficit is more than $4 trillion and growing daily. The national deficit is the most daunting problem facing our great nation, which must be solved for our future generations.

Chen Lee


Clinton's Plan

Our nation's budget deficit continues to devastate our economy, stifle job growth and erode our ability to compete in world markets. Unquestionably our number one national priority must be to eliminate this scourge.

President Clinton's budget deficit reduction plan proposes to slash the budget deficit by about $500 billion over five years and appears to be a reasonable compromise between competing interests -- those who oppose tax increases and those who oppose further cuts in support programs for the nation's most needy citizens.

Opponents of the Clinton plan have been unable to propose another plan that could muster significant support in the Congress. These opponents question the mix of tax increases and spending cuts, they wish to protect sacred cow giveaway programs of the past and raise other objections that miss the point. We must reduce the deficit.

If the Clinton plan fails to pass, we will have lost perhaps our last opportunity to revive the economy, keep interest rates low and

maintain our position as a world class nation.

Jack Kinstlinger


Break 'Em All

I must congratulate The Sun and staff writer Victor Paul Alvarez for the July 19 article concerning the trapshooter Gerald Larner.

It is refreshing because, as a rule, The Sun is so anti-gun. Furthermore, that it should appear on the front page of the Maryland section makes it more delightful and honors Mr. Larner in a very fine fashion.

It also lends credence to the fact that there is a group of people -- one might say a fraternity -- who enjoy the sport of shooting, whether it be with a shotgun, a rifle or a handgun.

Often a member of this fraternity will engage in all three phases of this activity. Almost without exception, these men and women are of high moral character and are as devoted to their sport as anyone who is a devotee of football, baseball or any other sport in which, for the most part, they do not even participate.

I think it would behoove The Sun to report often on the activities of the shooting fraternity and its people to show that not all shooters are the bad guys.

Congratulations to Mr. Larner. May he continue to "break 'em all" for many years to come.

H. Robert Wagner


No Comparison

Thanks to columnist Gwynne Dyer for recognizing Aug. 3 the exemplary manner in which the Israeli system of justice operated in its recent re-examination of the case of Nazi death camp guard John Demjanjuk.

The decision of the Israeli Supreme Court to free Demjanjuk due to the presence of "reasonable doubt" as to whether he was the notorious "Ivan the Terrible" is, as Mr. Dyer stated, "a triumphant demonstration of what a decent and civilized country Israel is."

We were greatly disturbed, however, by the moral blindness that Mr. Dyer displayed when he equated Israel's efforts to secure its northern border with the systemic annihilation by the Nazis of six million Jews during the Holocaust.

Israel's actions in Lebanon during the last week of July were in response to Katyusha rocket attacks by the Islamic terrorist organization, Hezbollah.

The legitimate efforts of Israel to preserve the sovereignty of its borders and protect the safety of its citizens bears no resemblance to the sadistic brutality displayed by Nazi gas chamber operators who shepherded millions of innocent men, women and children to their deaths in the name of racial purity.

Sanford V. Teplitzky



The writer is president of the Baltimore Jewish Council.

Fighting Poverty

Your July 15 editorial, "Fighting World Poverty," focused on the merits of an international organization which makes small loans to the very poor.

Examples of programs and organizations that "do good" are RTC common. Less common are the ones that "do it well." And so I was impressed with that particular organization's track record.

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