Japanese police tour Carroll 4 officers here to observe troopers

August 06, 1993|By Bill Talbott | Bill Talbott,Staff Writer

Four police officers from the Kanagawa region of Japan rode with Maryland state troopers from the Westminster barracks yesterday to observe and learn.

The officers will spend this week with the state police and next week with the Baltimore Police Department, said Sgt. Kobayashi Yasuyuki, a community affairs officer of the Hadano police station.

Sergeant Kobayashi said the group will tour with the Annapolis Police Department before returning to Japan.

The sergeant said the visitors -- Toshikazu Asaya, an assistant police inspector at the Tobe police station; Seiji Takemura, a sergeant in the communications command and control division; and Tomoaki Maniwa, an assistant counselor in the finance division at police headquarters in Kanagawa -- are visiting Maryland to study procedures and equipment.

He said the men also hope to build good relations with law enforcement officers in the United States.

Sergeant Yasuyuki said crime in the south-central section of Japan is very low compared with criminal activity in the large cities of the country.

The spokesman for the group told reporters at the Westminster barracks that all officers in Japan are required to participate in riot, protection and security training, with an eye to thwarting terrorist action.

Sergeant Yasuyuki spoke of a concentrated effort to combat organized crime and exhibited a brochure titled "Kick Out Organized Crime Groups."

The communications officer, Sergeant Takemura, said his office handles about 1,500 calls for service each day in an area that has 51 police stations. In comparison, Baltimore handles about 2,000 calls for service each day.

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