Carroll Transit will receive $124,296 grant

August 06, 1993|By Katherine Richards | Katherine Richards,Staff Writer

Carroll Transit will receive a grant of $124,296 from the state Mass Transit Administration, Gov. William Donald Schaefer announced yesterday.

The money represents a regular grant of $114,946 for operating expenses and a one-time grant of $9,350 to pay for a computer dispatching program, said Nancy Rigler, a regional MTA representative.

"We're very happy to get that," said Jolene G. Sullivan, director of the Carroll County Department of Citizen Services. "Carroll Transit can certainly use the computer equipment."

Linda Boyer, executive director of Carroll Transit, said yesterday the money for operating expenses is part of the state's regular funding of Carroll Transit, "just to make sure that we keep doing what we're doing."

But she said it was "great" that the money for the computer dispatching system had been approved.

Ms. Rigler said the dispatching program would improve Carroll Transit's efficiency and greatly reduce its paperwork.

She said many computerized dispatching systems now available not only improve route scheduling and dispatching, but also collect data needed for record-keeping.

The new dispatching programs can track a variety of data, including mileage, ridership and billing accounts, she said. These data are used by customers and by grant-making bodies.

"We have a lot of statistics to capture for all those grants and all those contracts," said Ms. Boyer.

"It's a real time-consuming and very cumbersome procedure right now, with all the paperwork," she said. "I'm excited" about getting the computerized system.

Ms. Boyer said that together, the grants announced yesterday make up about a quarter of Carroll Transit's $500,000 annual budget.

Carroll Transit is a private, nonprofit agency that provides public transportation in Carroll County, including reduced-price rides for senior citizens, handicapped residents and low-income residents.

Ms. Boyer said she anticipates no cuts or expansions in service because of the grants.

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