For third year, group from Savage helps repair houses in Appalachia NORTH LAUREL/SAVAGE


August 06, 1993|By LOURDES SULLIVAN

Elizabeth Ogden, a member of Savage United Methodist Church has been in Frostburg all week.

For the third time, she and dedicated adults and teens have spent a week in Appalachia repairing the houses of those who don't have the resources to do so themselves.

The group, including adults Tom Hoffman and Fred Wehland and teens Shawn Vollmerhausen, J.J. Hartner and John Trent, earned money to pay for accommodations in dormitories and for the materials needed for the repairs. They've held car washes and spaghetti dinners and solicited donations.

The project is coordinated by an organization called Camp Hope Inc., which matches volunteers with those who need services such as roof repairs, painting, gutter mending, drywall and other work.

Last year, the Savage volunteers were to panel a kitchen, repair a sagging porch and build a closet. As they removed the wallpaper before paneling the wall, a section of plaster came off because of a leak behind that wall. So installing paneling in the kitchen meant finding and repairing the leak first.

This year, the Savage team is to scrape and repaint a house, fix the gutters and downspouts, and put new roofs on the porches. Not bad, for one week's labor.


South Columbia Baptist Church recently nominated the following people to serve the Sunday school: Duane Clutts is the new chair of the nominating committee; Barbara Ridenour is a new member of the panel; Mary Lou Oertly is the third- and fourth-grade Sunday school teacher; Linda Daniels is the new preschool Sunday school teacher; and Dave Daniels and Dave Laforme are adult Sunday school teachers.


The Canterbury Riding Community Association sponsored a family pool party Tuesday evening on the National Night Out.

Cynthia Blade, the association's president, and Pat Weiler organized the party. More than 200 friends and neighbors joined in the fun.

McGruff the Crime Dog arrived promptly at 7:15 p.m., escorting Officer Bruce Lahr.

Those attending stuffed themselves on 26 pizzas delivered, as a favor, by the manager and assistant manager of the local Pizza Hut. Weiss Market provided a sheet cake.

Of course, everyone came for the pool and water games, not the dinner. There were water relay races, organized by Maguire White. There was a diving contest for $50 in coins tossed in the water.

Marlene Jones, Leslie Barrett and Gena Wilson kept things running smoothly. Crown Petroleum donated Orioles hats as prizes. American Pool services donated sports cups.

It threatened to rain all night, so lifeguards Scott Schimpff (a future doctor) and Jen Shoup (a future marine biologist) had the unenviable job of telling swimmers to get out of the pool whenever conditions looked threatening.

No one seems to have minded. When the party broke up at last, neighbors knew each other and members of the Police Department better. Isn't that the reasoning behind the National Night Out?

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