Linking book and ballads

August 06, 1993|By Tim Warren

If some Americans somehow are untouched by "The Bridges" phenomenon, it won't be because Time Warner isn't trying. Speaking about the book/record promotion strategy involving Warner Books and Atlantic Records, co-chairman Doug Morris of the Atlantic Group boasted, "We look forward to breaking new marketing ground in the service of such a terrific and exciting project."

Here's the cross-marketing campaign, according to a spokeswoman for Atlantic Records:

"The Bridges of Madison County" book and "The Ballads of Madison County" record will be packaged together on a home shopping channel to be determined.

Clips of the video of "The Ballads of Madison County" will be

shown on advertisements on cable channels, along with an 800 number flashed on the screen so viewers can call to order the album.

Bookstores will receive CDs and tapes to sell along with the book. Book and record stores are being sent posters, postcards and other artwork that promote both book and record.

A 1995 calendar containing photographs of the bridges, shot by Mr. Waller, will be released next year by Andrews and McMeel, a Kansas City, Mo., publisher.

And yes, there's another book by Robert James Waller on the way - his second novel, "Slow Waltz in Cedar Bend," will be published in November. It concerns a rebellious-yet-sensitive man who falls in love with a restless, passionate woman married to a dull clod of a man. If this story line sounds familiar, a lot of folks won't be complaining.

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