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August 05, 1993

Women could assist Catholic priests

I am a born Catholic and I read your editorial, "Religion and Birth Control," July 27.

And I want to tell you that there will always be fighting and nothing but heartache between the Catholic Church and the world as long as the church will not take Mary, the mother of Jesus, and put her into the church along with its present male structure.

We are all aware of the Catholic ban on women priests. But the only things our Lord said had to be the duties of Catholic priests are these four things: consecrating the hosts at mass, hearing confessions, ordaining men to the priesthood only, and duties of exorcism.

Women are not mentioned as apostles, but they are mentioned "ministering" in both St. Mark 15:41 and St. Matthew 27:55.

Why cannot the Catholic Church borrow from its Protestant brothers and sisters and ordain women as Catholic ministers, doing everything in the church except what our Lord said had to be the duties of ordained priests?

And we Catholics could say that these women ministers, with the title of "Mother," represented Mary, Mother of Jesus.

One of our greatest Catholic saints, St. John Bosco, was shown that there would be peace between the world and the church only when the pope showed true devotion to Jesus, in the Eucharist, and true devotion to Mary, mother of Jesus.

With only the male priest, representing our Lord, and no presence of Mary, the mother of Jesus, in the Catholic Church, how can we expect anything but the current fighting between the Catholic Church and the world -- especially in matters such as overpopulation and birth control?

Patricia C. Romans


Liberal media?

When Jack Kelly wrote in the July 27 Forum that we have needed people like Rush Limbaugh to combat the liberal media, I have to ask, what liberal media? What would liberal media have )) done with these two cases?

First, the front-runner for the Republican nomination in next year's Virginia Senate race sold arms to a sworn enemy and got off on a technicality.

Would Oliver North be as successful if liberal media had asked a few legitimate questions? Would the Ollie-maniacs dare touch him if they knew that media would ridicule their willfully ignoring most of the key facts of this case?

Second, some Republicans now argue that Presidents Reagan and Bush played so small a role in the deficit's growth that they're impotent.

Would liberal media not say that this shows that they're running away from the facts? Wouldn't liberal media have shown that the deficits were worse during the Reagan-Bush administration that they'd been under President Carter?

I have watched the media for bias pretty closely since the Carter inauguration, and unless I missed some big stories, I have not seen anything that would outweigh these two easy targets and other similar stories.

I think this liberal media talk is the most pernicious lie of the post-Vietnam War era. It makes the others possible.

Paul O'Brien


Garden odor

Two correctional officers violate procedure in the Dontay Carter escape case and are fired, even though they had exemplary records, a petition of support from approximately 300 correctional officers and a request for leniency from the victim's widow.

A State Police officer violates procedure by gardening for the governor, and nothing happens to him. Apparently, not even a counseling memorandum was issued.

(Unless it's part of the State Police security procedures in protecting Maryland's chief executive to garden for the governor. Those weeds must really be dangerous.)

Quite simply, the hypocrisy reeks.

Rai Douglas

Glen Burnie

Slap in the face

The vote by the Senate to refuse the Daughters of the Confederacy the official rights to a Confederate flag symbol is another slap in the face of our American heritage.

Recently there has been much ado about Confederate flags being politically incorrect, symbols of hate and subjugation of a race of people. Let me stand on the historical record that this is not so.

Take the Confederate battle flag. It was adopted because it was a distinctive emblem that could not be mistaken under the duress of battle, and it served as a rallying point for the troops to reform their battle lines in the face of the enemy.

After the war, the flag came to symbolize a common heritage of a people who eventually would become oppressed by the victorious North. I need not go into a lot of details on this as %% anyone who will take the time to study the history of that period of time will find my statement to be correct.

A short time after the war, Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest organized a group to fight some of the injustices that were occurring due to the corruption of government officials in charge of the reconstruction process.

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