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August 04, 1993

BWI's growth is crucial to metro area

As executive director of the BWI Business Partnership Inc. -- the association representing the broad band of business and transportation interests in Greater BWI -- I heartily agree with The Evening Sun's recent editorial supporting construction of an expanded international terminal at Baltimore-Washington International Airport.

As the editorial points out, BWI is facing increased competition from such regional rivals as Washington, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

While your comments about air service are cogent, they touch on only a part of the long-term benefits to be achieved. Economic development experts unanimously agree that successful regional development in the 1990s absolutely requires first-rate air service to both domestic and international points.

At present, BWI is at the heart of a transportation infrastructure which rivals any in the nation. But the airport cannot be allowed to rest on past merits while its competitors pass it by with newer, more spacious, state-of-the-art facilities.

Support for BWI simply cannot be considered a parochial issue. But, bluntly, the Baltimore metropolitan area cannot expect to attract new business interests -- and the new jobs that their presence typically generates -- without ready access to an economy which is increasingly global in nature.

Business and government together throughout the metropolitan area must stand firmly behind the proposal to fund a new international terminal at BWI, or ultimately the entire region will suffer as businesses opt for other, more accessible markets . . .

Neil M. Shpritz


Gay coverage

Thank you for publishing the article "Just good friends" by Lisa Respers on July 23, the day after another piece of garbage by Mona Charen.

Ms. Respers' article spoke from personal experience and portrayed her friend as a good person, who just happened to be gay. Like you and me, a gay person's sexuality is only a small part of his or her personality.

Since the march, I have become increasingly dissatisfied with The Evening Sun's coverage of gay and lesbian issues, especially on the editorial and op-ed pages.

In the days following the gay rights march in Washington, when there were opportunities for many interesting and informative stories about the march, the op-ed page was filled mostly with letters from people who just wanted to blow off their anti-gay bias. Space was given to Ms. Charen's bizarre article about the march, which she admitted she did not attend. Nowhere in The Evening Sun did I see mention of the many religious groups who marched in support of gay rights and of the parents and other heterosexual relatives and friends who marched.

These would have made much better copy than Ms. Charen's work of fiction and the article which quoted the Encyclopedia Brittanica and George Will as authorities on homosexuality. Who really reads this stuff before it is selected for publication?

Before publishing articles about homosexuality, which is such a divisive issue at this time, how about doing a little better scrutiny for some evidence that the person knows what he's talking about?

Grace A. Black


Who cares?

Our city, like any other city, can't survive unless the government and its agents treat it like they care. Failure to enforce laws on property maintenance, cleanliness, noise, parking, abandoned cars and the like are signs that we just don't care about an area.

It is the ultimate disrespect that government can deliver to a community and is a smack in the face to good citizens who stand helpless as the lawbreakers tear a community apart. High crime is the result of a broken neighborhood, not the cause of its breaking.

All too often, we permit ourselves to be diverted from the little things because we claim that we are working on the "big issues." Police especially fall prey to this mentality as they face the daily deluge of death by gun- and knife-wielding people no longer in control of their humanity.

Tempting as it may be to be "too busy" with violence, the unalterable truth is that the failure to enforce laws that keep areas clean, quiet and pleasant to live in are part and parcel of what destroys a people's spirit and sense of decency.

When government no longer cares enough about filth and noise, it is not likely that you will maintain a sense of civic pride. The failure to fight back is an endorsement of precisely the behavior which drags people down.

Our city needs to rededicate itself to helping its good citizens by fighting, with all its power, those who produce the filth, noise and grime that drag people down. Helping people control their lives is a bulwark against crime.

Wally Orlinsky


Fateful Sarajevo

The 1914 assassination in Sarajevo of two persons -- Archduke Ferdinand and his wife -- was the cause of the First World War.

Values have apparently changed. Thousands of persons have been killed, raped and injured in over a year . . . Fortunately we are not hearing of the possibility of World War III.

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