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August 04, 1993

Water officials reject bid for second hearing

The Maryland Water Resources Administration has no plans to hold a second hearing on the request of Black & Decker (U.S.) Inc. to pump hundreds of thousands of gallons daily at its Hampstead site, said Terrance W. Clark, chief of the administration's water rights division.

The Carroll County commissioners had written to Mr. Clark July 15, calling for a second hearing.

On June 15, the Water Resources Administration conducted a hearing in Hampstead on the company's request to pump an average of 432,000 gallons a day of water out of the ground as part of a project to clean up ground-water contamination.

No decision was reached at that hearing.

"We met all of the legal requirements," Mr. Clark said. "It was a good hearing."

While making a decision on the request, he said, the administration can consider only legitimate legal and technical issues related to it. Community support or opposition cannot be considered separately from the issues involved, he said.

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