Just filling out lineup card pains Oates

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August 03, 1993|By Kent Baker | Kent Baker,Staff Writer

Three hours before game time last night, Orioles manager Johnny Oates was still checking the wounded list.

Usually, his lineup card is completed by that time, but a spate of players with bumps and bruises meant he had to wait for medical advice before finishing the task.

With the team floundering again in the standings and the stretch run upon baseball's most contested division, the Orioles will need as many healthy people as they can find to overtake the three clubs in front of them.

Particularly the Toronto Blue Jays -- with Rickey Henderson creating havoc at the top of the batting order.

"We've got some guys banged up," said Oates. "some of them need some time off."

There was good news and bad news on the injury front yesterday, with Mike Mussina taking a step forward and Leo Gomez a step back.

Mussina is on the disabled list with an inflamed muscle below his right shoulder blade, but he threw 40 pitches and reported no trouble.

"He was going at about one-third speed," said Oates. "[Tomorrow] we'll extend him a little bit. Hopefully, he'll get by that and by Friday maybe he can go full bore."

Meanwhile, Gomez, who was disabled after a cyst developed on his wrist, suffered a setback when the stitches popped out while he worked out.

The area had to be re-stitched, meaning Gomez will be delayed by another week before he can start practicing again.

Oates' lineup problem was complicated when Harold Baines,Jeffrey Hammonds and Brady Anderson were all unavailable yesterday.

Baines' cranky knees are acting up and the manager said "we'll give him a day off. We don't want to send him out there and risk losing him for the season."

Hammonds was experiencing spasms in his back and shoulder after playing Sunday. "He didn't swing the bat well," said Oates. "He didn't know whether it was the shoulder or the pitching."

And Anderson required a third straight day off after injuring his finger, thumb and shoulder during a slide Friday.

The result was that Sherman Obando was the designated hitter for the first time since July 18 and Jack Voigt -- who had 17 at-bats since June 24 -- was in left field.

Davis improving

Glenn Davis was not at the park yesterday, but was reportedly suffer

ing no ill effects after being struck in the ear by a wicked foul ball Sunday.

"He was scheduled to have all the metal taken out of his [broken] jaw," said Oates.

"He was looking forward to having a solid meal again."

Davis needed stitches in his left ear after being hit by Hammonds' shot into the Oriole dugout. He was unconscious for about a minute.

Segui mulls suspension

David Segui will probably serve his three-day suspension for his part in the June 6 brawl when the Orioles go to Seattle, Aug. 16-18.

"That would be my guess," said Oates. "The case is being heard when we go to New York [immediately before Seattle]."

Segui said "it might not be a whole lot of fun" to miss the rematch with the Mariners, the opponents in the ballyhooed brawl.

The teams have not played since the fight.

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