U.S. looking to keep coverage of abortionsWASHINGTON...


August 03, 1993

WASHINGTON — U.S. looking to keep coverage of abortions

WASHINGTON -- President Clinton's top health adviser said yesterday that the administration is looking to preserve in its health care proposal the level of insurance coverage for abortion that women have now.

"We think that what ought to be in the program is something which preserves what exists today," Ira Magaziner said.

In most health insurance plans, "many people have something identified as pregnancy-related services, which usually is thought or interpreted to include abortion services, but it occurs in the context of the individual doctor-patient relationship," he continued.

Foley denies taking gifts from adviser


WASHINGTON -- House Speaker Thomas S. Foley insisted Monday he did "not accept or receive any gift" from his financial adviser, who helped him earn more than $100,000 in profits from speculating in hot new stock offerings.

Mr. Foley, a Washington Democrat, also said the adviser, Peter de Roetth of Boston, "never sought from me or anyone associated with me . . . any advice or assistance on any legislative interest or concern."

The speaker commented in a letter to a group of House Republicans who questioned whether he received preferential treatment that amounted to a gift. Mr. Foley announced on July 26 he was closing his account with Mr. de Roetth, a lifelong friend.

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