What They're Saying The Sale Of The Orioles

August 03, 1993


"Local ownership or not, are they going to have the wherewithal to go out and get the impact players that the Orioles need? Obviously, they're not going to pull a San Diego and take the team apart, but it's going to be tough to pull off what they need to do. . . . It sounds like this afternoon was a high-stakes poker game. The art dealer from New York [Jeffrey H. Loria] bluffed them out. Edward Bennett Williams spent $13 million for the team in 1979. He must be laughing in his grave."

-- Rob Mueller of Anne Arundel County

"That's a remarkable price to pay, but it's got to be wonderful to own a ball team."

-- Tom Blanco of Olney

"The price is outrageous, and I'm worried that if they spent all of this on the team, what's left for players' salaries? I'm also concerned about who is going to be the boss. But I'm very happy to see local ownership. These are people who care about Baltimore. I don't think Mr. Jacobs ever pretended to care about Baltimore. It was a business deal to Jacobs. To these people, it will be a labor of sporting and civic love."

-- Sue Kohn of Baltimore, season-ticket holder since 1976

"I can see where the team has been distracted for the last year in the upper management area, the way they let [Gary] Sheffield go by. If they can come up with $173 million to buy a team, they should be able to bring in the best players. You've got to own a ball team for the fun of it, not to make money off it."

-- Dennis Degen of Frederick

"I think it [new ownership] is for the better. The Orioles have let some golden opportunities go by. Maybe with the new owners, they'll loosen the purse strings a little bit. The fans deserve some marquee players. He [Eli Jacobs] really didn't have a pennant in mind."

-- John Hensala of Lake Oswego, Ore., formerly of Baltimore

"I'm glad it [the ownership] is local. I just hope there is enough money left over to buy some players. The only thing that bothers me is what's going to happen to guys like [Roland] Hemond, [Larry] Lucchino and Frank Robinson? I also think they'll have some problems with the inner group. Who's going to be the boss?"

-- Stanley Davis of Baltimore, season-ticket holder since 1970

"He [Eli Jacobs] bought at the right time, and he got his money out of it. But the Orioles never go the extra mile. The ownership around here has been poor for years. Bring us a winner. We deserve a winner."

-- Dave Wilmoth of Hereford "When they told me that Peter Angelos had purchased the team, I was just ecstatic -- there's no other word. I couldn't tell you how happy I was. I really am enthusiastic. . . .

"He did it because of civic pride. He did it because he wanted local ownership. And he did it because he was a very successful man, and he's at that time of life when a man that's very successful can pursue, as that old expression goes, other opportunities."

"He [Angelos] was smart. He brought in DeWitt, a great baseball man, well thought of in the league. . . .

-- Gov. William Donald Schaefer "I was out doing film test all day when some guys walks up to me and says, 'Hey, you own the Orioles.' I was surprised, but I don't know how these dealings work. You're always a little paranoid when you have out-of-town ownership. It's like the Colts, they had out-of-town ownership. You're always suspicious, but not now."

-- director Barry Levinson

"I was surprised that the price went so high. We expected to go high, but not that high. I guess that's how Mr. DeWitt got involved. That rounded it out for us. We didn't have a person with his baseball experience or family tradition involved in our group. Now we do."

-- broadcaster Jim McKay (left)

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