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August 03, 1993

An ambitious agenda for 1994 has prompted officials of the Annapolis-based Kunta Kinte Celebrations Inc. to expand its board of directors to 30 members.

The organization, which stages the annual African American Heritage Festival, also elected a new slate of officers at a meeting last week.

Departing President Leonard A. Blackshear said organizing the festival and supervising the Kunta Kinte Memorial project "were really straining our resources."

Adding board members from a cross section of the community will improve planning of events and allow the organization to expand its mission, he said.

The new president is Thomas Arthur. Other officers are Don Aronson, vice president for administration; Gary Simpson, vice president for programs; and Faye Anderson, treasurer.

The traditional Kunta Kinte commemoration activities will be held at City Dock Sept. 29, but the festival will be postponed until fall 1994. Next year, Binta Kineth, the oldest member of the Kinte family, will be the guest of honor and join a member of the family of the late author Alex Haley -- who traced his family roots to Africa -- for the festival.

Annapolis woman chosen for PBS job

Debbie Scott of Annapolis has been named publicist for Maryland Public Television's "To the Contrary," the country's first all-female news analysis series.

Lead by Bonnie Erbe, legal affairs correspondent for Mutual/NBC Radio, the show premiered on the Public Broadcasting Service in April 1992 and consists of a rotating panel of female journalists.

During the Bush administration, Ms. Scott was senior writer in the first lady's correspondence office. She also served as associate director of White House media relations for former President Ronald Reagan. Ms. Scott has taught photography for the Maryland Federation of Art and Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts.

Her work has been exhibited at galleries in Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Washington.

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