Federal prison to open on time despite proposed U.S. cuts

August 03, 1993

CUMBERLAND -- Rep. Roscoe G. Bartlett said that a federal prison under construction near Cumberland likely will not be affected by proposed cuts in the Justice Department's budget next year.

Cuts in the federal Bureau of Prison's funding for preparing new prisons for inmates are expected to delay the opening of some prisons.

But bureau officials assured the 6th District Republican that the $1.2 million slotted for Cumberland will be available on time."It's a go at this point," Mr. Bartlett said. "I expect the prison to open by September 1994, as scheduled."

The Senate Appropriations Committee voted recently to reduce the Federal Bureau of Prisons' request of $112 million to $65 million to activate five new prisons and expand two others.

The House slashed the bureau's request to $46 million for next year.

The House and Senate now will work out their differences in conference committee.

Mr. Bartlett said that bureau officials have told him they plan to set aside funding for the Cumberland prison even if they cannot win more money in the conference committee.

"Cumberland should get its start-up money regardless of what happens in the conference committee," he said.

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