Carroll libraries establish reference files for greenways program Conservation plan protects, connects open space areas


August 01, 1993|By MUPHEN WHITNEY

Carroll County has become the first county in the state to establish reference files in local libraries with information on the Maryland Greenways Program. This land conservation program protects natural corridors and connects areas of existing open space.

Material available on the Greenways Program includes general information on greenways and their ecological and recreational benefits, the Maryland Greenways Atlas and a video and report on the Patapsco Regional Greenway.

This information was provided to the library after being requested by the Carroll County Equestrian Council.

Carolyn Garber used the information initially to set up a greenways display for National Trails Day.

Ride rescheduled

The Poker Ride sponsored by the Carroll County Equestrian Council that was to have taken place last weekend was postponed because of a storm.

The ride will take place at Gillis Falls today starting at 11 a.m.

Also, today is the day for the Open Walk-Trot Barrel Race at the Maryland Western Horse Show Association at the Howard County Fairgrounds. This should be fun for everyone who yearns to do barrels, but doesn't want to gallop at breakneck speed.

USET announcements

The United States Equestrian Team sends word on two subjects of interest to Maryland horsemen: First, the USET will be offering a regional show-jumping championship program for promising horses andriders in American Horse Shows Association Zones throughout the country, including Maryland.

Second, the USET board voted unanimously to add endurance riding to its roster of disciplines. The USET will fund and administer support for a team sent to the World Championships next summer in The Hague, Netherlands.


The Carroll County Equestrian Council may be in line for a major award based on the CCEC's exemplary work undertaken on behalf of National Trails Day.

It's show time

Show season is here. Make sure your horses' Coggins test (for Equine Infectious Anemia) and inoculations are up to date. Every show -- even "backyard" shows -- require this information. Make sure you have an adequate number of copies available of your Coggins and inoculation records to get you through the season. If your horse is traveling to shows he should be up to date on the following inoculations: A 4-way shot to protect against influenza, tetanus, Eastern encephalomyelitis and Western encephalomyelitis. Boosters should be given about every three months for flu and every six months for encephalomyelitis during the season. Most horses in Maryland also need to be inoculated against rhinopneumonitis and Potomac Horse Fever. You might also consider vaccinating against strangles, although vaccinating for this only provides partial protection. I highly recommend vaccinating against rabies, especially if you are traveling to unfamiliar areas to show. Rabid animals are increasing in suburban areas and you never know where your horse might encounter one.


Today -- Poker Ride at Gillis Falls Equestrian Trails. Sponsored by Carroll County Equestrian Council. Benefits show ring project. $5 fee per rider. (410) 833-4593.

Today -- Maryland Western Horse Association Show. Howard County Fairgrounds. (410) 489-7134.

Aug. 3 -- Carroll County Equestrian Council general meeting, 7:30 p.m. Show Ring Site at Gillis Falls Equestrian Area, Grimville Road, Mount Airy. (410) 833-4593.

Aug. 4 -- Twilight Shows: Dressage, Combined Tests, Clear Round Stadium. Judge: Deri Jeffers. Severn Valley Stables. Arnold, MD. (410) 757-1971.

Aug. 8 -- Mid-Maryland Horse and Pony Association Show. Howard County Fairgrounds. Judge: Susan Reed. (410) 848-5685 (410) 875-2050.

Aug. 14 -- Carroll County Western Circuit Show. Ag Center, Westminster. (410) 239-7885.

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