Boats do well with white marlin

August 01, 1993|By Sue Hayes | Sue Hayes,Contributing Writer

If fishing continues to be as good this week as it was last week, the 20th annual White Marlin Open Tournament, starting tomorrow, should be a success.

Charter and private boats did well on white marlin releases. The charter boat Elixir from the Ocean City Fishing Center with Capt. Pat Kelly had four releases last Saturday. The boat Hammer, also from the Fishing Center, with Capt. Mitch Pierson had three releases.

Brad Watkin's new boat, the Natural, also from the Fishing Center, had two releases, and the Ospray, from White Marlin Marina, with Capt. Joe Drosey had three releases.

Most of the white marlin were scattered in the area of the Washington Canyon and the Rockpile.

White marlin were not the only big fish in the sea recently. The Grand Slam with Capt. Butch Davis landed a 170-pound bluefin tuna. The angler was Andre Gaudreault of Quebec. The boat was fishing north of the Hot Dog Lump with a ballyhoo bait in 30 to 40 fathoms of water.

A 56-pound dolphin was weighed in over the weekend. It was caught aboard the Reel Machine by Mike McNab with Capt. Paul Daisy. The fish was snared at the Poor Man's Canyon with an eel. The Muff Diver also picked up a dolphin -- a 34-pounder. Lee Leyden of Bethel, Conn., caught the fish in the area of the Rockpile, north of the Washington Canyon, on a ballyhoo.

Several small yellowfin tuna have been scattered in the canyon areas. Closer to shore, at the Jackspot Lump, anglers continue RTC to catch bluefin tuna while chunking with butterfish. Anglers are also picking up dolphin, king mackerel and Spanish mackerel.

Offshore Indian River, the king and Spanish mackerel hit at the B Buoy last weekend.

Ocean City continues to see schools of triggerfish coming into the inlet. Triggerfish take squid or sand fleas for bait.

L Sea trout are biting at the Ocean City Inlet on the incoming

tide. Anglers are casting twisters, bucktails, squid or live sand perch. Ten-year-old Chris Ogden of Scranton, Pa., caught a 4-pound, 14-ounce sea trout from the inlet on a bucktail jig dressed with a plastic worm.

Skip's Bait and Tackle on Talbot Street reports good trout fishing from the north jetty as well as the sea wall at night. Delmarva Sport Center on U.S. 50 says that the blues and trout both have been coming around the U.S. 50 bridge at night.

Flounder fishing in the bay continues to be good, although many of the flounder are throwbacks, fish under the legal size limit of 14 inches. Anglers are doing well on the U.S. 50 bridge on any incoming to high tide. The south bay region in the bay behind Assateague has also been very productive.

D8 The Thorofare always produces some catches. Judy Hud

son of Bishopville, fishing aboard the bay party boat Bay Bee, caught a 5-pound flounder.

The east channel has also been a hot spot. Chip Kohlhepp of Monkton picked up a 4-pound flounder while fishing near Buoy 7 with a minnow. Shirley Schmidt of Ellicott City took a 6-pound, 9-ounce flounder while drifting the Eighth Street channel, also with a minnow.

The Ocean Pier reports catches of sharks, skates, rays, flounder, kingfish and sand perch. The Oceanic Pier continues to see flounder by day and trout and bluefish at night. Crabbing has improved on the pier.

The upper regions of the bay in and around Ocean City have seen good catches of crabs, and vacationers have been hand-lining with success.

The best crabbing, especially from the shore, is on the higher tide.

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