Model of station designed to help restore real one

August 01, 1993|By Staff report

Ohio artist Faline Jones, originator of the Cat's Meow Village line of collectibles, has created a miniature commemorating the old Hampstead train station.

The creation, a block of wood painted to resemble the station, is being sold at the Hampstead Town Office for $12.50. For each model sold at the Town Office, $2 will be donated to a fund for the restoration of the train station.

The Hickory Stick, a country store in Westminster, commissioned the work, said store co-owner Cindy Raub.

Hampstead Councilwoman Jacqueline Hyatt, who has oversight responsibility for the station restoration project, said the town is having trouble getting possession of the train station, which is owned by CSX Transportation.

The town had considered turning the building into a museum, she said. However, there are liability problems with having the public use a building located next to an active rail line, and she said it is impractical to move the building.

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