From The Sun Aug. 1-Aug. 7, 1843Aug. 3: Harriet Evans...


August 01, 1993|By Fred Rasmussen

From The Sun Aug. 1-Aug. 7, 1843

Aug. 3: Harriet Evans, charged with using profane language in the streets on the night of the 1st inst., was committed to jail by Justice Jones.

Aug. 6: High Street is in progress of being repaved. It is already finished from Gay Street about half the distance to Baltimore Street.

Aug. 7: The slave, a fugitive from Maryland, who was arrested at Princeton, N.J., and after trial ordered to be delivered over to Mr. Madison Jeffers, the officer of this city, was after all left behind in the enjoyment of freedom.

From The Sun Aug. 1-Aug. 7, 1893

Aug. 1: Although the sky in our latitude presents a more brilliant appearance during the cold winter months than during the summer, it is at all times on a starlit night a wonderful and impressive sight.

Aug. 3: The cottagers and hotel guests of Sudbrook Park gave a big lawn fete and german last night. Hundreds of Japanese lanterns, like a swarm of huge fireflies, hung from the trees.

From The Sun Aug. 1-Aug. 7, 1943

Aug. 1: Gates of the Bethlehem-Sparrows Point Shipyards Inc. will be "wide open" tomorrow to 8,000 employes, who were sent home Friday as a result of a dispute growing out of the enrollment of Negroes as trainees in a riveting class.

Aug. 6: Maryland, where the first camp for conscientious objectors in the United States was established in 1941, now has within its boundaries nine units providing a diversity of peaceful pursuits for 427 young men.

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