The books of Martha Grimes

August 01, 1993|By TIM WARREN

* The Man With a Load of Mischief (1981): This book introduced mystery lovers to Richard Jury, the urbane Scotland Yard detective, and his friend Melrose Plant. Jury investigates a murder outside a pub named the Man With a Load of Mischief.

* The Old Fox Deceiv'd (1982): In Yorkshire, Jury attempts to solve the murder of a woman in a mummer's costume.

* The Anodyne Necklace (1983): This time Jury is in the small village of Littlebourne to solve a grisly murder.

* The Dirty Duck (1984): Shakespeare provides the background for Jury's investigation of a murder in the town of Stratford.

*Jerusalem Inn (1984): Jury travels to the North Country to investigate a murder at Christmastime.

* The Deer Leap (1985): In the small village of Ashdown Dean, there's been a woman murdered -- and pets are mysteriously vanishing.

* Help the Poor Struggler (1985): This time Jury is in Dartmoor, investigating the murder of three children. Assisting him is Brian Macalvie, a local constable.

* I Am the Only Running Footman (1986): Jury is back in London, in exclusive Mayfair, investigating the murder of a woman who was strangled by her own scarf.

* The Five Bells and Bladebone (1987): This time, Jury's investigations take him to London's East End, following the discovering of a corpse in an antique desk.

*The Old Silent (1989): Jury witnesses a murder at a Yorkshire inn. Rock and roll is a recurring theme.

* The Old Contemptibles (1991): Jury investigates the unlikely goings-on at the home of a well-off family in the Lake District.

* The Horse You Came In On (1993): Jury and Plant come to Baltimore for their first adventure on American soil. Fells Point is the chief setting; Edgar Allan Poe provides the literary backdrop.

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