Around the house* Once a month, remove the front panel of...


July 31, 1993|By Dolly Merritt

Around the house

* Once a month, remove the front panel of room air conditioners; wash filter in tepid water and mild detergent. Vacuum dust from surfaces before reattaching panel.

* Use a pressure cooker to reduce cooking time by as much as two-thirds when cooking on top of the range. When cooking large amounts of food, a pressure cooker can be quicker than a microwave.

* Recycle empty spice jars with perforated inner lids. They can be used as a cinnamon and sugar shaker or as dispensers for vinegar and oil.

* Spray tops of curtains with a soil repellent. Dust will not penetrate fabric and can be removed easily when cleaning.

* Keep sliding doors working smoothly by waxing metal tracks with candle stubs.

In the garden

* Fertilize roses monthly until end of August. Feed annuals and vegetables regularly.

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