2 rap groups targeted Racist campaign is disclosed

July 30, 1993|By Seattle Post-Intelligencer

SEATTLE One of three white supremacists charged Thursday with bombing a NAACP office in Tacoma, Wash., last week has told federal authorities that he and others planned a terror campaign in Washington and Oregon against black and Jewish organizations.

Also to be targeted were military installations and the rappers Ice-T and Ice Cube, according to court documents.

All three had lived off and on the last few months in an Auburn, Wash., apartment that was raided by federal agents Wednesday.

The reputed ringleader of the group, Mark Kowaalski, 24, was arrested during that raid. He was charged in federal court in Seattle Thursday with the July 20 Tacoma bombing.

Kowaalski, who has crucifixion tattoos on his arms and hands, is a convicted felon who was recently released on parole from a New Mexico prison.

The other two suspects, Jeremiah Gordon Knesal and Wayne Paul Wooten, both 19, were arrested Monday night in Salinas, Calif. They were charged in a San Jose, Calif., federal court with making and possessing illegal explosives. Police said they found pipe bombs, rifles and racist literature in Knesal's Volvo sedan.

The break in the Tacoma case came when Mr. Knesal began talking to an FBI agent.

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