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July 28, 1993

Teen leaves hospital after stabbing

A 17-year-old Frederick County resident, who was stabbed in the arm and back by a juvenile at the Mount Airy carnival Monday night, was released after treatment at Frederick Memorial Hospital.

Dwayne S. Griffith of Monrovia became engaged in an argument with a 15-year-old Mount Airy juvenile. The argument became a fight and young Griffith was stabbed by the juvenile, state police said.

Police said the youth was charged with carrying a deadly weapon, assault and battery and maiming, and would be held at the Hickey School until a hearing in juvenile court.


* Mount Airy: Mount Airy assisted Howard County at a truck fire on I-70 at 2:48 p.m. Tuesday. Units were out for 15 minutes.

* Winfield: Winfield responded to an auto fire on Liberty Road at 1:49 p.m. Tuesday. Units were out for 50 minutes.

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