How UM leaders rate in pay, perks

July 28, 1993|By Thomas W. Waldron | Thomas W. Waldron,University of Maryland System AdministrationStaff Writer

Scrambling to retain a high profile in the life sciences, the

state earlier this month approved a raise of 15 percent for Rita R. Colwell, president of the Maryland Biotechnology Institute.

The raise pushed Dr. Colwell's salary from $135,000 to $155,000, second in the University of Maryland System to the $175,000 salaries of Chancellor Donald N. Langenberg and outgoing University of Maryland at Baltimore President Errol L. Reese.

Dr. Colwell, who had already received a raise effective July 1, may eventually be given additional income from sources other than state government, according to John Lippincott, an associate vice chancellor with the UM System.

Dr. Colwell's second raise was approved by the university Board of Regents as state officials maneuvered to keep her from accepting the presidency of the University of Alabama at Birmingham, a major research campus.

The president's salary in Birmingham is $169,000.

Dr. Colwell now makes substantially more than William E. Kirwan, the president of the UM System's flagship campus at College Park.

The UM Board of Regents gave Dr. Kirwan a 1 percent raise, nudging his salary from $143,377 to $144,800.

The regents awarded raises to several presidents in the 14-institution system. The salary increases, effective at the start of the state's fiscal year beginning July 1, were the first in three years, Mr. Lippincott said.

In the midst of a budget crunch, Dr. Langenberg turned down a raise to his salary of $175,000.

Likewise, Coppin State College President Calvin W. Burnett turned down a raise to his salary of $94,640.

The salaries of presidents in the UM System fall generally in the middle of the pack compared with those of presidents of similar institutions nationwide, according to a survey by the College and University Personnel Association.

UM presidents also receive either a home, or a $12,000 housing allowance, and a car, or a $7,500 car allowance.

The best paid UM campus presidents still trail the highest paid president of a private university in Maryland. William C. Richardson, president of the Johns Hopkins University, made $308,524 in 1992, including his housing expenses.

As part of their review of presidential salaries, the regents voted in June to raise Dr. Colwell's salary from $130,457 to $135,000. They increased it to $155,000 as she weighed the offer from the University of Alabama.

As a sweetener, officials told Dr. Colwell they will explore ways to increase her income even further. How that would be accomplished remains unclear, said Stanley Heuisler, president of the nonprofit group building the Columbus Center in Baltimore's Inner Harbor. Dr. Colwell is the chief science adviser for the $160 million research facility.

"All I said to the regents was that the Columbus Center wanted Dr. Colwell to stay and that we would do anything we could to assist the regents in keeping her here," Mr. Heuisler said.

Specific amounts were not discussed, he said.

Dr. Colwell, 58, a well-regarded researcher who maintains a professorship at the University of Maryland College Park, oversees several research centers that are part of the Maryland Biotechnology Institute.

MBI, which Dr. Colwell has run since 1987, sponsors research in genetics, biochemistry and protein engineering, with emphasis on marine, medical and agricultural biotechnology. Its scientists are doing genetic research on projects ranging from fast-growing fish to safer pesticides and new drugs.

The institute's profile will probably soar in 1994, when one of its units, the Center of Marine Biotechnology, moves into the Columbus Center, which is being paid for mostly by the federal government.


Here are the salaries for the presidents of the 14 institutions in the University of Maryland system. The new salaries took effect July 1.

President .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. Current.. .. .. ..Previous

Errol L. Reese, UM at Baltimore.. ...$175,000.. .. .. . $175,000

Rita R. Colwell,

Md. Biotechnology Inst.

... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .155,000.. .. .. ...130,457

William E. Kirwan, UM College Park.. .144,800 .. .. .. ..143,377

Freeman A. Hrabowski 3rd,

UM Balto. Co. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ...125,000 .. .. .. ..125,000

T. Benjamin Massey, UM Univ. College..123,200.. .. .. .. 120,000

Hoke L. Smith, Towson State Univ... ..121,100.. .. .. ...120,000

Raymond J. Miller, Md. Inst.

for Ag/Nat. Res. .. .. .. .. .. .. ...119,657 .. .. .. ..119,657

Donald F. Boesch, Ctr. for

Env./Estuarine Stud... .. .. .. .. ...103,500 .. .. .. ..100,000

William P. Hytche, UM Eastern Shore...102,300 .. .. .. ...99,278

H. Mebane Turner, Univ. of Balto. .. .101,500 .. .. .. ...99,528

Thomas E. Bellavance,

Salisbury St. Univ. .. .. .. .. .. ...100,000 .. .. .. ...99,225

Catherine Gira, Frostburg State Univ. .98,300 .. .. .. .. 95,000

Nathanael Pollard, Bowie State Univ. ..95,000 .. ... .. .. .n/a

Calvin W. Burnett, Coppin State Coll. .94,640 .. .. .. ..94,640

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