Controlling Beavers At GunpowderI have to disagree with...


July 25, 1993

Controlling Beavers At Gunpowder

I have to disagree with Peter Kozlek's letter (July 5) concerning the Gunpowder beavers.

Some sort of beaver control is needed. I'm sure the beavers and their dams provide a picturesque trout fishing scene, but at a cost to the hardwood trees in the area.

Not only do beavers need trees for their dams, they need to gnaw on trees to keep their teeth in check, thus the loss of more trees. . . .

I think the Department of Natural Resources could allow limited trapping in the area. . . . R. A. Bacigalupa Jr.


Libertarian Party

For many people, political decisions are based on whether they are closer to being Democrats or Republicans.

Unfortunately for people who favor less government involvement their personal and financial affairs, choosing between Democrats or Republicans has become a choice of the lesser of two evils. . . . You should consider the Libertarian Party.

The Libertarian Party is America's third largest political party with hundreds of Libertarians holding office and candidates receiving millions of votes nationwide. . . .

The Harford County Libertarian Party is holding an organizational meeting on Wednesday from 7 to 9 p.m. at the Bel Air branch of the Harford County library.

If you're a dissatisfied Democrat or Republican, a Perot voter, an independent or anyone who believes that people have a right to make their own decisions without government interference and are willing to accept responsibility for those decisions, you are invited to learn more about the Libertarian Party.

If you need more information, call Dan Anderson at 676-5687 or Keith Thompson at 836-7430.

Keith Thompson

Bel Air

Musings On All-Star Game

I was driving home from work in Edgewood on the evening of the All-Star Game -- no, I couldn't get a ticket -- and I took notice of the message on one of those electronic sign boards over the highway. The board had traffic route information, and the heading over the message was "Stadium Traffic."

I thought baseball had banished the word "stadium." Didn't the architects of Oriole Park at Camden Yards take great pains to emulate Fenway Park, and the old Comiskey Park? I just bought a recently published book on Oriole Park at Camden Yards, and it's titled simply: "Ballpark."

I think the heading on those electronic traffic info boards should read: "Ballpark Traffic." Don't you agree?

Timothy B. Carlin



Orioles' Assistant General Manager Frank Robinson says he was disappointed by the crowd reaction at the All-Star Game.

Another letter writer says Baltimore fans were "rude."

To me, "rude" is when Detroit and Chicago win championships and they burn those cities down. "Rude" is in New York when they storm the field routinely and in Philadelphia, where they even threw snowballs at Santa Claus. I was at the All-Star Game and I really wanted to see Mike Mussina pitch here in Baltimore, even if it was to one batter. We all paid $60 a ticket and if booing the opposition (not the Orioles, though) is the worst we do here, the club shouldn't complain. I have attended games all over the country and Canada, and Baltimore fans are head and shoulders above them all.

Joseph C. Matassa


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