25 Years Ago* The Maryland State Department has made...


July 25, 1993

25 Years Ago

* The Maryland State Department has made available $875,000 for the construction of a new Vocational-Technical Center for Carroll County. -- Democratic Advocate, July 18, 1968.

50 Years Ago

* The last house-to-house tin can canvass has been set for Tuesday, Aug. 10. The government needs these cans for strategic war materials. All housewives are asked to wash their cans carefully so there is no particle of food in them, remove the paper, cut out the tops and bottoms, flatten the cylinder and place in containers to be ready for this canvass. -- Democratic Advocate, July 23, 1943.

75 Years Ago

* The achievements as an aviator of Lt. John F. Buffington, well known in this vicinity, should not only be a matter of pride to his friends, but to our county and state as well. To Lt. Buffington fell the honor of being the first aviator to go up at the new Macher Field, Uncle Sam's million-dollar aviation training school at Sacramento, Calif. -- Union Bridge Pilot, July 19, 1918.

100 Years Ago

* The annual camp meeting of the Church of God commences on next Friday, the 28th, to be continued 'til the following Friday night. A strong ministerial force from different states will assist the pastor, Rev. G. W. Seilhamer, who will conduct the religious services of the camp. The small admittance fee of five cents will be charged all persons over 12 years of age, to meet camp expenses. No charge for horses. This camping ground is a most delightful place to spend a summer's vacation, being well supplied with the best of water, and being a healthy location. All are welcome once more to the Linwood camp meeting. -- American Sentinel, July 22, 1893.

Compiled from the archives of the Historical Society of Carroll County.

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