From The Sun July 25-July 31, 1843July 27: One of the most...


July 25, 1993|By Fred Rasmussen

From The Sun July 25-July 31, 1843

July 27: One of the most delightful places we know of in the vicinity of this city, for fishing, chowder, or a "pic nic" party, is on the shores in Anne Arundel County, adjoining Cromwell's farm, on a place kept by Mr. R. Smith. It is a delightful shore.

July 28: The weather yesterday was too hot by half, and a trifle more -- that is, for physical comfort.

From The Sun July 25-July 31, 1893

July 25: Twenty-four children were made happy yesterday by the Children's Fresh-Air Society. They were sent out on the Baltimore and Lehigh Railroad for a two-week's stay in the country.

July 28: The Baltimore Gun Club, the oldest shooting organization in Maryland, held its first shooting tournaments at its new grounds yesterday. The grounds are at Grason's Park, Pimlico Road, opposite Halstead's.

From The Sun July 25-July 31, 1943

July 25: Wendell L. Willkie, outlining seven essential steps which he said would help eliminate any racial discrimination in the United States, tonight told both major political parties that their "attitudes must be changed" in approaching the Negro vote.

July 26: Little Italy burst into jubilation yesterday as word of Mussolini's overthrow swept rapidly through the colony.

July 28: Captain and Mrs. William R. Howard 3d left yesterday after visiting Captain Howard's mother, Mrs. William R. Howard Jr., at her home in Sudbrook Park. Mrs. Howard is Dorothy Lamour.

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