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July 23, 1993|By Traci A. Johnson | Traci A. Johnson,Staff Writer

A Westminster man was arrested Monday night in connection with a robbery and assault near the Westminster Post Office, city police said yesterday.

Howard Maurice Johnson, of Crows Court, was charged with one count each of robbery, theft, assault and battery.

The victim, Edward Odom, told police he had been walking near the post office around 9:30 p.m. when he was approached by a man wearing a blue shirt and white shorts.

The man was later identified as Mr. Johnson, said Cpl. Rick May, a police spokesman.

The man asked Mr. Odom if he wanted to buy drugs, and when Mr. Odom declined, the man asked for a light for his cigarette, Mr. Odom told police.

As Mr. Odom pulled a lighter from his pocket, he also pulled out money, he told police.

Mr. Odom said the man demanded the money, and when Mr. Odom refused, the suspect bit him on the hand, Corporal May said.

The two men struggled for several minutes, and Mr. Odom eventually released the money. The suspect released his hold on Mr. Odom's hand and ran away, Corporal May said.

Mr. Odom, who did not know the area, walked several blocks from the post office area to Little George's convenience store on East Main Street to call police, Corporal May said.

The police station is less than a block away from the post office.

Mr. Johnson was found in the area of Bond and Main streets when police searched the area. He was identified by Mr. Odom and sent to Carroll County Detention Center on $10,000 full bond.

Mr. Johnson's bond was reduced Wednesday to 10 percent of $2,500 after a bail review.

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