Anybody ravin' about this football name?

July 22, 1993|By Jon Morgan | Jon Morgan,Staff Writer

You weren't struck by the Cobras, or flattened by the Bombers, so how about the Ravens?

It's the latest entry in the effort to name Baltimore's prospective football team.

Baltimore is one of five cities vying for two NFL expansion teams scheduled to be awarded in October. At the request of the league, prospective owners have prepared trademark applications to protect names from poaching in case they win the teams.

Late last year, Florida investor Malcolm Glazer filed for the Cobras, one of the few menacing animals not already stalking the sports world. Leonard "Boogie" Weinglass, head of a rival investment group trying to own a Baltimore team, filed the Bombers.

Weinglass said he envisioned a logo featuring a silhouette of a leather-jacketed bomber pilot in sunglasses. But, more recently, Weinglass said he is uneasy with the martial flavor of the name, even though Baltimore has a long history of building warplanes.

"I like the Bombers, but I don't like the connotations," Weinglass said.

So, in March, he filed an application for the Ravens.

"I think it's a natural, synonymous with the Orioles," Weinglass said. Besides, Edgar Allan Poe lived in Baltimore and is buried here, and one of his most famous works is the dark and sinister poem, "The Raven."

Weinglass says he pictures a bird with deadly claws in the logo, and a black and gold color scheme for the uniforms.

"If the NFL will let me, I'm going to put some names up in the press and let the fans decide," he said.

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