High-style sunglasses aren't just for daytime now

July 22, 1993|By Knight-Ridder News Service

The strange phenomenon of people wearing sunglasses at night or indoors doesn't really make sense, but lots of people do things just for the sake of style.

This summer's most popular sunglasses have wire frames and rectangular or oval lenses. The lenses come in a variety of colors, including amber, maroon and violet, and the glasses cost from $5 to $100 -- depending on whether you pick them up at a street vendor's or a department store.

Wire-frame sunglasses, especially granny glasses, are perfect for the retro hippie look. There is even a line of sunglasses named for deceased Beatle John Lennon, whose wire-rim glasses were his trademark.

The status glasses this summer are Versace's wrap sunglasses, adorned with the designer's signature gold Medusa head and other precious-metal trims.

Ed Glassman, owner of the Wayne Edwards boutique in Center City, Philadelphia, said he has reordered the spring/summer line four times and sold out each time at $200 to $300 a pair.

That's a heavy price to pay to be cool.

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