Bystander recovers thief's bag of loot Money had been in a stolen van HARFORD COUNTY

July 21, 1993|By Mike Farabaugh | Mike Farabaugh,Staff Writer

An assistant chef at an Abingdon restaurant foiled an attempt to steal $800 yesterday after spotting a man stashing a large plastic bag in shrubs.

Tony Giordano, chef at Vitali's restaurant in the 1700 block of Emmorton Road, said last night that Lisa Robinson, his assistant, was leaving work, but rushed back into the kitchen to tell him what she had witnessed.

Mr. Giordano said he and Ms. Robinson retrieved the bag, and found it full of cash, coins, deposit slips and a tool used to break into locked vehicles.

The bag had been in a delivery van that was stolen about 1 p.m. yesterday while parked outside the Jamesway Department Store in the 3400 block of Emmorton Road.

Police were searching last night for a suspect, described as a white man, 40 to 45 years old, with graying curly brown hair and glasses.

Mr. Giordano said he and Ms. Robinson did not count the money, but suffered through some anxious moments deciding what to do.

"I'll be honest and tell you it took us about an hour to call police," said

Mr. Giordano.

"We contemplated splitting the money up, but we made the right decision to return it," he said.

After determining who owned the money from papers inside the bag, Mr. Giordano said, he telephoned the owner and admitted why it took so long to make the call.

"We then locked the doors and hid the bag in the walk-in freezer," he said.

Mr. Giordano said he and Ms. Robinson later laughed about "putting the money on ice."

Police said they found the stolen delivery van, owned by Automatic Sales Inc. of Aberdeen, yesterday behind the Best Western Invitation Inn on Edgewood Road, near Vitali's.

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