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July 20, 1993|By Mike Nortrup


Freedom Swim Club's Amy Hancock, 10, won five events and set five South Carroll Swim Club pool records to highlight Sunday's seventh annual Carroll County Invitational.

South Carroll's Shannon Jones and Jason Kay each took four firsts, with Kay setting three South Carroll club marks.

The 201 swimmers in the event represented the Freedom Swim Club (FR), South Carroll Swim Club (SC), Taneytown Community Swim (TT), West Howard Swim Club (WH), Westminster Riding Club (WRC) and Westminster Swim Team (WST).

First-, second- and third-place finishers were as follows:

9-10 girls 100-meter individual medley -- Amy Hancock, FR; Emily Wolfing, WH; Meghan Malehorn, WRC.

9-10 boys 100 individual medley -- Jason Kay, SC; Danny Kesler, SC; Kyle Brumfitt, WRC.

11-12 girls 100 individual medley -- Megan Straehle, SC; Jill Krebs, SC; Abby Lindsay, WRC.

11-12 boys 100 individual medley -- Nick Metzger, WRC; Zack Ballard, WH; Ryan Kay, SC.

13-14 girls 100 individual medley -- Aimee Yingling, WRC; Jessica Bracken, WST; Caroline Braun, SC.

13-14 boys 100 individual medley -- Scott Straehle, SC; Bryan Bollinger, WRC; Jason Hedges, TT.

15-18 girls 100 individual medley -- Shannon Jones, SC; Cailin Lawler, FR; Heidi Metzger, WRC.

15-18 boys 100 individual medley -- Matt Farley, WST; Michael Worozbyt, FR; Joe Stevens, WH.

6-and-under girls 25 freestyle -- Deanna Edwards, FR; Suzy Bucher, SC; Bethany Smith, SC.

6-and-under boys 25 freestyle -- Jake Larrimore, WRC; Bryan Collins, SC; Jason Federline, SC.

8-and-under girls 25 freestyle -- Melissa Linard, WRC; Jessica Hedges, TT; Merrisa Hollinger, WRC.

8-and-under boys 25 freestyle -- Will Kistler, SC; Jonathan Jenkins, SC; Cole Finch, WRC.

9-10 girls 50 freestyle -- Hancock, FR; Kristin Linard, WRC; Wolfing, WH.

9-10 boys 50 freestyle -- Kay, SC; Kesler, SC; Chuck Kistler, SC.

11-12 girls 50 freestyle -- Pam Crill, SC; Krebs, SC; Straehle, SC.

11-12 boys 50 freestyle -- Ballard, WH; Metzger, WRC; Micah Reese, FR.

13-14 girls 100 freestyle -- Jamie Mowbray, WRC; Bracken, WST; Mandy Gierlach, WST.

13-14 boys 100 freestyle -- Straehle, SC; Bollinger, WRC; Tom Malehorn, WRC.

15-18 girls 100 freestyle -- Jones, SC; Metzger, WRC; Emilee Bass, WST.

15-18 boys 100 freestyle -- Tom Mowbray, WRC; Worozbyt, FR; Stevens, WH.

6-and-under girls 25 backstroke -- Edwards, FR; Bucher, SC; Smith, SC.

6-and-under boys 25 backstroke -- Federline, SC; Collins, SC; Patrick Barnes, WRC.

8-and-under girls 25 backstroke -- Hedges, TT; Linard, WRC; Hollinger, WRC.

8-and-under boys 25 backstroke -- Kistler, SC; Lloyd Jones, SC; Jenkins, SC.

9-10 girls 25 backstroke -- Hancock, FR; Linard, WRC; Wolfing, WH.

9-10 boys 25 backstroke -- Kay, SC; Kesler, SC; Brumfitt, WRC.

11-12 girls 50 Backstroke -- Straehle, SC; Lindsay, WRC; Krebs, SC.

11-12 boys 50 backstroke -- Metzger, WRC; Bollard, WH; Kay, SC.

13-14 girls 50 backstroke -- Bracken, WST; Braun, SC; Abby Mays, WRC.

13-14 boys 50 backstroke -- Malehorn, WRC; Bollinger, WRC; Chris Will, SC.

15-18 girls 50 backstroke -- Lawler, FR; Jones, SC; Metzger, WRC.

15-18 boys 50 backstroke -- Alex Panek, WRC; Chuck Kelly, WST; Jason Warner, WRC.

8-and-under girls 25 butterfly -- Hedges, TT; Linard, WRC; Samantha Kruger, FR.

8-and-under boys 25 butterfly -- Kistler, SC; Jenkins, SC; John Williams, SC.

9-10 girls 25 butterfly -- Hancock, FR; Malehorn, WRC; Wolfing, WH.

9-10 boys 25 butterfly -- Kay, SC; Kesler, SC; Matthew Reese, FR.

11-12 girls 50 butterfly -- Straehle, SC; Lindsay, WRC; Krebs, SC.

11-12 boys 50 butterfly -- Ballard, WH; Metzger, WRC; Kay, SC.

13-14 girls 50 butterfly -- Yingling, WRC; Bracken, WST; Braun, SC.

13-14 boys 50 butterfly -- Straehle, SC; Hedges, TT; Bollinger, WRC.

15-18 girls 50 butterfly -- Jones, SC; Bass, WST; Sandi McBeth, WRC.

15-18 boys 50 butterfly -- Chris Smith, SC; Panek, WRC; Mowbray, WRC.

8-and-under girls 25 breaststroke -- Linard, WRC; Hedges, TT; Kim Freeman, SC.

8-and-under boys 25 breaststroke -- Williams, SC; Kistler, SC; Finch, WRC.

9-10 girls 25 breaststroke -- Hancock, FR; Wolfing, WH; Linard, WRC.

9-10 boys 25 breaststroke -- Brumfitt, WRC; Kesler, SC; Key, SC.

11-12 girls 50 breaststroke -- Krebs, SC; Jamie Ludwig, WRC; Straehle, SC.

11-12 boys 50 breaststroke -- Reese, FR; Metzger, WRC; John Evans, WRC.

13-14 girls 50 breaststroke -- Yingling, WRC; Carrie Krug, SC; Amanda Grace, SC.

13-14 boys 50 breaststroke -- Robert Onda, SC; Hedges, TT; Straehle, SC.

15-18 girls 50 breaststroke -- Jones, SC; Lawler, FR; Katie Krug, SC.

15-18 boys 50 breaststroke -- Farley, WST; Kelly, WST; Worozbyt, FR.

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