25 Years Ago (Week of July 7-13, 1968):A master plan to...


July 18, 1993

25 Years Ago (Week of July 7-13, 1968):

A master plan to rehabilitate Ellicott City's Main Street area was presented to the planning commission. The plan proposed changing Ellicott City from a community "that has been dying since the '30s" to a "potentially unique community." The plan also expressed concern about how to "rehabilitate without pushing out the present residents."

A 2nd District resident complained about the new fire tax being ** levied in that district to pay for new firefighting equipment and facilities. The resident blamed Columbia (largely in the 5th District) for creating the demand for the additional services.

50 Years Ago (week of July 11-17, 1943):

The first Howard County citizen returned home to civilian life after being honorably discharged from wartime service due to age. Charles "Buck" Grimes of Ellicott City was inducted into the service in February 1942, just 20 days before his 45th birthday. He had been performing longshoreman duty in Casablanca, Morocco, at the time of his release from the service.

Information for this column was compiled by Diane Mullaly from the files of the Howard County Historical Society's library.

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