Think SnowOne more irritation in this broiling summer: the...


July 16, 1993

Think Snow

One more irritation in this broiling summer: the media have now invented a heat index to make us feel hotter than we are.

It is not enough that they hype, exaggerate and blow up every news item, from Bill Clinton's haircut to Madonna's hemline. By trying to make events seem more exciting than they actually are, they end up trivializing everything.

Hey folks, the weather is not World War III. I don't need an urgent-looking Doomsday screen-crawl on my TV set to tell me about some "Storm Watch." I can look out my window.

I don't need the media to tell me to stay in the house and drink water because, though it is only 100 degrees out, I will feel it is 120.

I know how hot I feel. In fact, I often use a little auto-hypnosis to convince myself that it's not really that bad. Think snow.

Michael Kernan



The Sun has consistently biased its articles about firearms and crimes toward the firearms and not the persons using them in an illegal manner.

The Sun has made it painfully obvious that it is anti-gun and wishes to ban access to firearms. From banning the legal sale of firearms in the classified ads to naming the semi-automatic handguns used in crimes but not naming the firearm when it is a less "sexy" revolver, shotgun or rifle.

The straw that broke my back was the articles on the Black Talon bullets.

These were the most biased, inaccurate and misleading articles I have read. Using inflammatory terms such as "rips through flesh" does nothing to impart facts.

Having tiny bits of metal hang off a bullet does not make it any more lethal. A hollow point bullet is designed to expand and release most of its energy in its target. From what I have read, most 9 mm hollow point bullets were not expanding and therefore passing through their target.

I assume the Baltimore County police are switching because they have found that Black Talons do expand reliably.

Everyone should understand that when any bullet is fired at a person, it can kill. Attributing deaths to a specific bullet is like saying a certain car model is the cause of death.

While it is true that some cars perform worse in accidents, all cars may cause death in an accident. It sounds like The Sun is saying that the police shouldn't switch to a different bullet because they might kill someone.

They don't call it "use of deadly force" because someone might break a bone or get a cut. Also, police departments didn't switch from .38 specials to 9mm for a "fatter bullet." They switched so they could have 17 shots versus 6 with similar or better bullet performance.

Bruce C. Meissner


Caring Principal

I feel compelled to respond to the letter by Andrew M. Sherling June 17. He is quite critical of Carol Goldbeck, principal of the Institute of Notre Dame (IND) high school, concerning the cancellation of Mary Pat Clarke's scheduled commencement address for IND.

While it is often too easy to be critical of the performance of others, it remains true that a number of sometimes unforeseen factors enter into the making of decisions.

During the 1980s I taught for seven years at IND, and both worked with and observed Mrs. Goldbeck during that time. I have found over time that it is indeed rare that one can truly say that someone is both very fair and "nice," as well as thoroughly professional.

Carol has given 100 percent to IND over the past decade. I believe that her decisions have always had the best interests of the students at their core.

I am sorry that groups such as Defend Life feel that they can provoke actions which will affect many people and special occasions, but reasoned and appropriate responses are the responsibility of administrators.

Carol made the choice which she felt was the best for a dignified and joyous day, and I feel that this was the best choice given the circumstances.

Louis J. Maresca

Hanover, N.H.

More Millionaires

The Clinton administration, with the eager assistance of the Rostenkowski-Foley-led House of Representatives, enthusiastically supported by Maryland's four Democratic congressmen, has assured us that only "millionaires" will bear the burden of President Clinton's "deficit reduction plan."

Those who are single, receiving Social Security and earning more than $25,000 annually should know that the amount of their Social Security income subject to tax will increase by 70 percent under the Clinton plan. This applies also to retired couples whose combined annual income exceeds $32,000 per year.

Congratulations, the number of "millionaires" in America has been miraculously increased since President Clinton became president. Remember that thought when you struggle to remit the taxes required by your 70 percent increase.

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