Book missing since '28, lender's son wants it

July 16, 1993|By Robert A. Erlandson | Robert A. Erlandson,Staff Writer

Dr. Milton P. Sause, a retired veterinarian, is looking for a figurative needle in a haystack: a book his late father may have lent out as long ago as 1928 and which wasn't returned.

"It's Volume Four and it goes right in there, said Dr. Sause, 79, as his fingers flicked across the nine remaining blue-cloth-bound volumes of the classic "Photographic History of the Civil War," published in 1911 as a "Semi-Centennial Memorial."

Actually, said Dr. Sause, of the 3900 block of E. Northern Parkway, it has been so long since he last saw the book that he couldn't remember the title of the volume between "The Decisive Battles" and "Forts and Artillery."

The missing title is "The Cavalry," said Jason Duberman, of the Military Bookman in New York City. An individual volume from the set in good condition would cost about $25, if it could be found, said Mr. Duberman. Dr. Sause said he is willing to pay a premium to complete the set.

Dr. Sause has advertised in The Sun several times, asking

"the borrower's family" to return the book. His only call has been from a man who has the full set and wanted to chat.

"All these years I knew it was missing, but I never did anything about it," said Dr. Sause, whose bookshelves are laden with volumes about the Civil War. "I'm interested in the Civil War and now my sons are interested and my grandson, who's 3 1/2 , is coming along so I thought I'd better try to find it."

John H. Sause Jr., Dr. Sause's father, operated the family grocery store at Fait and Ellwood avenues, between Canton and Highlandtown in East Baltimore, and had a real estate business across the street.

"He was very sociable and one of his friends probably borrowed it and just never gave it back," Dr. Sause said. The senior Mr. Sause was sick for several years before he died in 1956 "so even if he knew it was gone he probably didn't care," Dr. Sause said.

However, Dr. Sause does care. So, if anyone finds a lonesome volume entitled "The Cavalry" lying around the house, it may just be that elusive needle Dr. Sause would be happy to see again.

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