'Gettysburg' makes history

July 16, 1993|By David Zurawik

LOS ANGELES -- "Gettysburg," the made-for-TV Civil War epic from Ted Turner -- won't be coming to cable this fall as promised.

In a move without precedent, Turner has decided to release the cable movie in theaters as a feature film before showing it on TV.

The six-hour miniseries, which stars Tom Berenger and Martin Sheen, will be shortened and released in theaters across the country Oct. 8, according to Allen Sabinson, senior vice president of Turner's TNT network. The film includes a re-creation of the battle, which was filmed at Gettysburg with some 4,000 extras -- many of whom were from the Baltimore area.

On Oct. 7, the eve of its theatrical release, TNT will present "The Road to Gettysburg," a TV special on the making of the film hosted by Sheen. The full six-hour mini-series will be shown on cable later in the year after its theatrical run, Sabinson said.

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